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Perfect Digital Technologies majuKOOP We have wide range of Cooperative Financial Management Platforms and It is fully customized and tailor made for our

We are catering from all level of small up to big cooperative with the member range from 1,500- 100,000.
Easy One stop solution to Management and users from our wide range of customized products and services.
100% Government Compliance rated products for your critical solutions.
16 years of Industrial research and experience can bring the best solution to your organization
Cost friendly products with affordability.

Why you should Choose Maju-KooP?

Perfect Digital Technologies Sdn Bhd is a one stop company, where you can find all kind of Cooperative Financial Management platforms with latest Sophisticated Tools for easy use and optimal performance.


Our history starts Back in 2005 and over a16 years of industrial research and experience bring us to produce the best problems solving platforms to Cooperative Industry.

We are in the industry for past 16 years, and we have Great Domain Expertise in the Cooperative Financial Management industry to give best solutions to all kind of Critical Requirements of our clients.

We Provide 100% Industrial Standard and 100% Government Compliance Rated Software products to our clients.

We have Dedicated Product Training programs and extended premium range of 24/7 Customer Support Service to our clients. Our products are fully customizable, and tailor made to cater our client’s Needs.

On the Product cost aspect, we are providing really Cost friendly Platforms and our clients can choose various types of Packages depending on their financial ability.